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Charity Silent Auctions

Fundraising events, auctions, and raffles make more money... a lot more money.

We're helping our auction clients increase the engagement, increase the income and decrease their administrative headaches with each of their auctions. They kill long lines for check-in with advanced ticketing and check-out with our Text Pay software.

Increased Revenues

Items Meeting Reserve

Increased Engagement

Less Headaches

  • Testimonial
    Dawn Hillman, The Sanibel School

    Thank you for all your help on our auction. We did the best we had done in four years and we got 70% of our auction values. This is soooo much better than the 40% they had been getting. In the short, we had less to auction but we raised more!

  • Testimonial
    Caroline Moore, Sullivan's Island Elementary

    We've been running virtually the same auction, with the same items from the same donors for the past 4 years. We've always done well at our annual Wig & Stache Bash, but in the past two years that we have been using Bidr we have increased the amount we have made by almost 50% both years!

  • Testimonial
    Patrick Bryant, Chairman of the Board

    The best part is everyone 'gets it' right away and has a lot of fun with raffle items; and we don't have to scramble to collect tickets and figure out who won what at the end of the night anymore!

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