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New Year…New LOWER Pricing!

New Year…New LOWER Pricing!

Bidr has always been an industry leader in low-cost, straight forward pricing for fundraising events and text to donate campaigns.  Now things are even better!  Events and campaigns of all sizes are now just 3% with 2.9% credit card processing fees.  As always, it’s free to set up your site and there is no contract or commitment.  We only make money when you do!  We’re here to support you every step of the way as you plan your event or campaign.

The new pricing will make it even easier for great organizations like One More Wave Surf Corp…a non-profit in San Diego that custom makes surf boards for wounded veterans.  They use Bidr for raffle’s like this: one:

Now with lower pricing they’ll be able to put even more of the money that they raise directly into custom made surf boards and wetsuits.

The pricing is also going to be great for the Green & Gold Gala.   This is a fundraiser for St. Stephen Catholic school in Grand Island, NY:

Bidr’s pricing is UNLIMITED!  You can plan as many events or Text.Gives campaigns throughout the year as your organization can support.  There is never a cap on the number of attendees and you can add as many auction items or raffles as you’d like.

Our pricing is straight forward…there are no hidden costs!  What you see is what you get.  You pay the 3% Bidr fee and 2.9% credit card proccessing fee.  A texting short code and all texting fees are included.  There are ZERO Bidr fees on live auction items.

Happy New Year from Bidr!  We can’t wait to help you raise even more in 2016!

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