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How to Make More Money at Your Event with Digital Displays

How to Make More Money at Your Event with Digital Displays

Bidr has a great digital display feature to show your fundraising content in real-time on a projector or television at your event.

Simple URL

You can display a variety of data rich content on any screen or projector across your entire event with just a basic URL! Simply add your event’s display URL on any device and you’re set! Yes, it’s that easy.

Full Control

You control your event’s displays. Determine what you show and for how long. 

Scroll your event items with or without a thermometer display. Give your guests a goal to work towards. Even start from $0 for quick fundraising sprints! Adding a simple thermometer is proven to help maximize your fundraising efforts. 

Maybe you want a simple and clean way to rotate your items at the front door? Refresh your guest’s memory by showing off your event’s main show over and over again.

Proud of your guest’s contributions? Give them a simple shout out for each donation, bid, or purchase within your digital display. Each interaction deserves it’s stage.

Want to give your sponsors a little extra recognition? Show them you care by rotating them on your digital display all night long.

That’s just the beginning! Check out all of the unique content you can push in your event admin dashboard.

Quick Overview

  • Rotate items from your events
  • Scroll items with or without a thermometer goal
  • Show off the total event Earnings 
  • Shout out for each event interaction
  • Present your event Sponsors in a elegant way

Make more money!

This digital display will absolutely improve your event’s aesthetics, impress your guests, and maximize your fundraising efforts. We continue to receive a tremendous amount of positive feedback regarding the sharp feature.


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