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10 Unique Fundraising Ideas

10 Unique Fundraising Ideas

It can be hard to come up with fundraising ideas that haven’t been done a thousand times. If you want to set your fundraiser apart and try something a little different, check out these 10 unique fundraising ideas!

Themed Party

You don’t need to host a traditional gala in order to bring everyone together for your cause. Try throwing a party with a memorable theme as an alternative. You could do a theme that is closely related to your cause or something entirely disconnected for fun.

Single’s Night

What better way to find a connection than through a mutual compassion for a cause? Host a night for singles to come together to honor your cause. It could be helping with a pet adoption event or even a bake sale.

Roshambo Tournament

Roshambo is just a fancy name for rock-paper-scissors. It may be hard to believe, but there are actual tournaments for this all over the country. You could host a Roshambo Tournament at a local bar with a referee and an entrance fee. Set up the rules and get everyone riled up!

Photo Exhibit

A unique spin on a photo exhibit fundraiser is to have your guests bring in their best picture that they feel relates to the cause, whether it be a photograph or a painting they’ve drawn. From there, the photos can be auctioned off. This is a great way to make your guests feel special and also raise money for your cause.

Clothing Swap

Everyone can bring in a bag of clothing that they no longer want or no longer fits. All of the clothes can be set up like a store for everyone to shop. Anything that isn’t chosen from your guests can then be donated to charity. This is a win-win because you’re not only raising money, but you’re also recycling textiles.

World Record Attempt Party

Provide your guests with a list of attainable world records for them to attempt to break at your event. It’ll be a fun way for everyone to get involved and generate some competition.

Dinner en Blanc

Make your event a little more spontaneous with a pop-up dinner where your guests dress up in all white. Your guests could wear something fancy, like a white dress for women or a tuxedo rental for men, or make it more casual with linens if it’s somewhere outdoors. If you want to save some money, make the event a potluck.

Film Screening

A large part of fundraisers is to educate your guests on the cause, which is why it’s a great idea to host a film screening that relates to your cause. It could be at an indoor theatre or if the weather is nice, make it an outdoor screening in a park.

The Voice

Have a karaoke-styled fundraiser where your guests sing on stage to compete. You can also have a set of judges similar to the show, The Voice, to rate them. This idea could be especially great if your fundraiser is music-related.

Silent Auctions

Silent auctions are nothing new for fundraising events, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a unique spin on them. Get creative with what you’re auctioning, it doesn’t have to be solely physical items. Try auctioning off experiences for your guests instead. For example, maybe there’s a donor willing to bid a weekend at their vacation home or who will give free skydiving lessons.

If one of these fundraising ideas stuck out to you, be sure to sign up here to create your event!

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