Bidr- Fundraising Made Easy! |

Bidr- Fundraising Made Easy!

Bidr makes event planning easy!

Make more money at your event with our Event Planning and Fundraising Software. Eliminate check in/ check out lines! Our platform increases attendee/ donor engagement and makes it easier to give. Host unlimited events of any size. Bidr charges a percentage fee and is free to set up. You’ll have an event website in minutes ready to sell tickets, auction items, raffles and donations. Attendees can participate from any device, computer, tablet and mobile phones!

Bidr Ticketing:

Bidr’s Interactive Ticketing eliminates check in lines at your event! Volunteers quickly scan the QR code and the attendee is texted a link to the auction. Ticket purchasers can assign tickets to friends and ticket holders can print their tickets or have them texted to their phone. Selling tickets through Bidr stores attendee payment information so attendees are already pre-registered for the event.

Bidr Event Site:

Attendees can purchase tickets, preview event details, place bids, buy raffle tickets and make donations on your custom Bidr site. Open your event to anyone, anywhere! Suddenly your silent auction and raffle has a lot more participants! Use this site to market your event and drive up revenues.

Bidr Mobile:

Your event in your pocket! Bidr Mobile has all of the event details. Add it to your calendar, get directions, get your tickets and even your paddle number all on your phone!

Table stalk no more! When attendees check in to your event they’re texted a link to your event site. There is no app to download! Now attendees can see detailed photos and descriptions of all of the items in your auction and place bids from anywhere in the room! They will get an outbid notification via text so they can quickly re-bid and continue on with the party. Bidr Mobile allows users to create a watch list, see at a glance what they’re winning, and make donations.

Bidr Text:

No smart phone, no problem! Attendees can place bids, buy raffle tickets and make donations all through a simple text conversation!

Bidr Dashboard:

Auction management at the click of a button! Track Bidding Activity, view real time analytics, and view payments right from your auction dashboard. Bidr even creates event posters with simple directions and item cards for all of your auction and raffle items.

Bidr Digital Display:

Engage your attendees with digital signage that shows your logo, real time auction revenues, and donations. It’s like a live tally board.

Low Cost:

Bidr is free to set up with no contract or commitments. Host as many events per year as you like. It’s perfect for small gatherings and huge galas. Bidr’s fee is just 3%! You can even have an Event Expert assist with your event for as low as $200. Credit card processing is 2.9% and $0.30 per transaction.